Future Projects


The following list are potential projects that the homeowner's association board is considering for the upcoming year(s). There are still details to iron out with each project below but we feel it's important to keep the membership informed on our ideas. If you have any questions about the projects or ideas, please contact the board.

Pool Resurfacing

As we all know, pools need to be resurfaced from time to time. If you've been by our pool recently, you have definitely noticed that we're almost there. As such, we are currently seeking bids on repairing the pool and are looking very strongly at tackling this project in 2015.

Concrete Work

This project ties hand in hand with our current project of hiring the civil engineer. Once we have the feasibility study completed by our engineer, we will have a bullet point list of things that need to be done to fix our concrete and who is responsible for each portion. We will roll out this phase once the study is complete and are looking to make some real progress in 2014.

Cypress Point Master Plan

As we work to repair our fence line along the interstate, we are also diving into the idea of getting a full scale master plan to give us and the membership an idea of where we're going. We have been referring to the planting along the fence line as "Phase I" and there will be more phases to come allowing for beautification of our entire subdivision.

On-site Recreation

The board has been very vaguely throwing out ideas for on-site recreation in our open common areas. This likely will not develop for many years to come but if anyone has ideas or suggestions on things that they would like to see in our subdivision, please contact your board.