General Information

Cypress Point Subdivision consists of 119 homes (69 townhomes and 50 garden homes).  All owners are members of Cypress Point Homeowners Association (CPHA) which is governed by an elected board of directors.  CPHA meets annually on the first Monday of November and elects the board.  Day-to-day operations are handled by PMI Property Management (phone 306-3174).


Each owner is required to pay to the Homeowners Association (1) monthly dues, (2) extra charges exclusively for townhomes (property insurance and termite inspections), (3) special assessments, and (4) fines.  These items are referred to as “account charges.”  Account charges should be mailed to 8400 E. Cypress Point Court, Baton Rouge, LA  70809.  For further information, see Section VII Obligation for Account Charges beginning on p. 6 of the Servitudes.


Account charges are due by the fifth of the Month, and accounts not paid in full within 30 days after the due date shall incur a late penalty charge.  For further information, see Article XI Account Charges, Late Fees, and Liens on p. 8 of the Bylaws.


Owners who are not in good standing as defined on page 2 (Section I (C)) are prohibited from voting.  Votes are taken as necessary for such things as changing the restrictions, special assessments, and changes to the dues structure.  For further information, see page 13 of the Servitudes.