Our Projects 

We would like to keep our owners and residents up to date with projects going on in our subdivision. As such, we will keep a list of current projects up to date on our site. For information on historical projects or projects we are considering for the future, please use the links below. If you have any questions about any of our projects or would like to suggest a project, please contact our property manager or email the board.

Project 1. Interstate Fence Line

Many of you have probably noticed that the green fence was removed several weeks ago. It was definitely a much needed change. The Homeowner's Association had money set aside in an account to repair the fence from damage it sustained during Gustav. Insead of rebuilding the fence, we have opted to landscape along the fence line. As such, we have entered into a contract with a landscape architect who has provided us with a master plan for the subdivision. We know the area is unsightly right now but please bare with us as they continue to work on it. The area should be cleaned up in the next coming weeks. After that occurs, our lawncare vendor will be able to begin preparing the beds and we will have a beautiful fence line in no time!

Project 2. Concrete Work

Our subdivision has struggled with drainage and sinkhole issues for quite sometime now. As a board, we have had little progress in trying to resolve our issues with DPW. The board is pleased to announce that we have entered into a contract with Southeast Engineers to perform a feasibility study on the neighborhood. Southeast Engineers will help us determine where our problem areas are and what he thinks needs to be done to fix it. We are also hoping that he will be able to help us during our negotiations with DPW to correct the issues.

Project 3. New Pool Keys

It has come to our attention that several former residents as well as non-residents have still had access to our pool. We had an incident this summer in our pool that we believe was caused by non-residents. As such, we will be deactivating all current pool keys and issuing new pool keys at the annual meeting. In addition, our system will be upgraded so that we can tell who is using the pool when should there be another incident. The pool keys will be issued to homeowners only. If you are a renter, please contact your landlord for access. Lastly, the pool rules will be revised and re-issued with the new keys. You must acknowledge the rules and sign off on them in order to obtain a key.